IE 5.0 XML HTTP redirect problems

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Internet Explorer 5.0 under Windows 95 and WinNT 4.0 (guess other versions are affected) has security problems with
HTTP redirects in XML objects. This allows at least:
1) Reading any (local or nonlocal) XML file and any wellformed documents. With the growing influence of XML I consider this a serious problem.
2) Reading parts of documents
3) Checking for the existence of local files.
I suppose reading of arbitrary files (not just XML) is also possible, but do not have the time to explore.


When one embeds a XML document in a HTML document IE 5.0 does not handle properly HTTP redirects
and allows access to the DOM of the embeded XML document.

The code is:
<object id="xm" type="text/xml" data="" width=400 height=200>
function  f()
a.document.write("Here is a part of AUTOEXEC.BAT (the error message is normal):<BR>"+s);

Disable Active Scripting or Disable Script ActiveX Controls marked Safe for Scripting

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