IE 5.x/Outlook allows executing arbitrary programs using .chm files and temporary internet files folder

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Written by Georgi Guninski Trying to start WordPad.

Wait 60 seconds.

The reason for waiting is the page needs to download 120KB and the server is on slow internet connection and really lot surfers try the demo when it is released.

If it does not work wait some time and reload the page (currently the server is on a slow internet conection and 110KB must be donwloade by a lot of surfers.
If it still does not work try increasing the number of "chm*.chm" files in IMG and showHelp.

The object below must be loaded from a server with name different from the parent document - it may be the same server but use the IP address or another alias.
(C) Copyright 2000 Georgi Guninski

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